Welcome Note from Group Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director

With a humble setting and very limited resources, ASR Padu started off its business endevours in Masjid Tanah, Melaka. As a newly established company, we have managed to survive and grow continously, overcoming the challenges within the competitive business environment. With the dedication and committement from the managment and staff, we have managed to demonstrate progressive growth with an encouraging future. Reflecting on our achievements and where we stand now, I believe that we have performed beyond our expectations and this would not be accomplished without the relentless supports from our valuable customers, suppliers, families and friends.

Since the beginning of our establishment, we have always prioritised meeting our customers' interests and needs as well as delivering quality products and services. From the deliverance of printed brochures to the contruction of high-rise buildings, most of our customers have expressed their appreciation and recognition to the deliverance of our quality products and services. With the right formula and positive attitudes, I believe that we would be able to realise our vision towards becoming a reputable conglomerate with sustainable growth and be recognised as market leaders in construction and oil and gas industries.